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Dynamic helicopter values from the industry's foremost appraiser

Informing rotary-wing asset trading, management and benchmarking decisions for the most influential investors, lessors and operators

Ascend has been valuing rotary-wing assets since long before the recent boom driven by the off-shore oil and gas market. Our values are calculated by a dedicated team of experienced professionals, including ISTAT appraisers, who apply a consistent and transparent approach to aircraft asset valuation.

Unlike other providers, Ascend’s rotary-wing values are regularly reviewed and updated on the Ascend Online Values platform, allowing you to quickly react to market developments.

Ascend Online Values includes:

  • The most commonly traded (heavy/medium) helicopter types
  • Specification adjusted current market values
  • Forecasts of future asset values
  • Full-life and half-life values
  • 1,000 dynamic updates to values every month

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Ascend’s intuitive online service lets you tailor searches by specific serial number of aircraft type. Choose the value of a single aircraft or engine, or specific or generic aircraft, all easily downloaded by our Enquiry Service into several formats.

Portfolios are easily and accurately updated, new market opportunities are assessed quickly and competitive forces analysed by our expert and independent team of data experts.

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