Risk Advisory

Ascend’s trusted Risk Advisory services help investors calculate, measure and manage risk. By thinking like our customers, we help investors in aviation assets make distinctive and substantial improvements to risk analysis practices and take empowered business decisions.

Thinking like a customer

The heads of the risk advisory services are former Ascend customers with vast and varied experience of finance and aviation. This allows them to ask understand how our customers think and what motivates them. Internally it means that they are our own toughest critics, and allows Ascend to bring a unique customer focused approach to our consultancy and data offerings.

Ability to perform in depth and sophisticated analysis

The risk advisory team provides analysis to support a range of functions including timing of entry and exit points in the market, understanding volatility of aircraft values, supporting decision making on banks’ risk management methodologies, and analysis and development of Basel II LGD models.

Devising products to help customers with risk analysis

The risk advisory team has lead the development of Aircraft Ratings.
Aircraft Ratings supports sophisticated analysis and allows users to gain a unique insight into current and future drivers of an aircraft’s likely value performance across a variety of market and macro-economic conditions.
The risk advisory team will drive the development of future product releases.

Consulting on strategy

The risk advisory team assists banks and leasing companies formulate and review investment strategies, including refining organisational structure, selecting aircraft to invest in, analysing historical trends, and creating risk management frameworks. Airlines turn to our risk advisory services to help assist with their overall strategy, and in particular ‘where to play – how to play.’

The Team

Our world-class team advise aviation investment strategies to maximise returns and generate proven investment results.


Paul Sheridan


Head of Risk Advisory, EMEA

Paul joined Ascend in January 2010 after 10 years within the aviation industry. Paul started his career at Aer Lingus in Revenue Management, Paul moved to RBS Aviation Capital in the Investor Markets team where he worked on debt syndication, structured finance and aircraft trading. After 3 years at RBS he moved on to ANZ and worked within Structured Debt looking at Asset Finance and Infrastructure Finance. Paul’s last post before joining Ascend was at ING focused on Aircraft Finance.

Since joining Ascend, Paul has primarily focused on Risk Advisory, product development and strategic studies.

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