Time series aircraft values (data matrices) help inform investment strategy decisions by providing historical current Base and Market Values and Future Base Values along with Lease Rate trends.

The detailed data allows an assessment of the historical relationship between Base Value opinion and Market Value observations of aircraft assets, by type and variant, and how they have reacted to and recovered (or not) from external market shocks. These observations, and the derived analysis, will help in making better informed decisions.

Using historical values behaviour as a key indicator of future value performance enables you to:

  1. Evaluate new investments and validate existing strategy based on historical trends
  2. Analyse the impact of new aircraft types being introduced to market based on the behaviour of values on historical programme deliveries
  3. Understand how values behave during market shocks (e.g. 9/11, SARS, 2008 economic downturn)
  4. Build a convincing case on aircraft values depreciation and volatility to attract investment
  5. Structure policies on investment decisions

Key Features:

  1. Values for 45 aircraft types
  2. Year over year value changes and volatility
  3. Aircraft depreciation rates and value retention by age
  4. Market value/ base value ratios and market strength/ softness reactions
  5. Lease rate factors
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