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Gain unique insight into current and future drivers of an aircraft’s likely value performance across a variety of market and macro-economic conditions. Aircraft Ratings will, for the first time ever, provide a clear statement of an aircraft’s investment merits.
  1. Forecast for two key variables for an aircraft:  Expected Depreciation and Implied Downside Volatility
  2. Analysis covering historical price movements, GDP, oil price, inflation, aircraft fleet size, and noise and regulatory compliance
  3. Ratings for over 70 aircraft types
  4. In-depth reports documenting the rationale behind the rating 
  5. Meaningful insight into current and future drivers of the aircraft’s expected value performance 
Paul Sheridan, Head of Risk Advisory EMEA, and Miran Bastajian, Relationship Manager, introduce Ascend’s industry-standard Aircraft Ratings.

Aircraft Ratings supports growing demand for increased scrutiny in calculating risk. It provides a credible companion to Ascend’s industry-standard Base Value forecast, enabling a comprehensive understanding of an investment's risk. By splitting expected annual depreciation from potential downside volatility, Aircraft Ratings gives investors a clear statement of an aircraft’s investment merit. Aircraft Ratings will serve as a unique metric for making “apples to apples” relative value comparisons between aircraft investment options.

The reports have been developed by Ascend's Aircraft Ratings Board and supply rich data driven analysis from some of the industry's foremost aviation finance experts.


Hear what Dick Forsberg, Head of Risk & Strategy, Avolon has to say about Ascend at the most recent customer council.
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