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Ascend Data Feeds is an innovative new solution allowing you to embed customised Ascend data directly into your business applications, enabling faster analysis and more rapid business decisions.

Ascend Data Feeds has been specifically designed to integrate into your own business systems. You select the information you need to perform specific functions - from simple business checks to more complex business support, removing the need for time consuming data extracts and the management of multiple databases. Ascend Data Feeds can be delivered in the format and frequencies to suit your individual needs.

You can now receive tailored Ascend Data Feeds into:

  • Internal modeling applications
  • CRM systems
  • Internal databases
  • Reports and presentations

Data Feeds connects you seamlessly to the world’s premier aerospace information service. Ascend’s data is compiled and managed by an experienced team of analysts and our authoritative and independent data is updated 2,400 times a day / 50,000 times a month. Data Feeds...

  1. Improves the consistency, accuracy and speed of decision-making processes
  2. Minimises errors made when extracting and manipulating data
  3. Eliminates time-consuming data manipulation and management processes
  4. Improves productivity and allows more time to utilise information and grow your business

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