The new Flightglobal Fleet Forecast 2014-2033 is a truly independent report which predicts that 36,820 commercial jets and turboprops worth almost $2.6 trillion will be delivered over the next 20 years.

The forecast allows participants in the global commercial aviation industry to plan for the future with confidence by highlighting future prospects, providing reliable estimations of future supply and demand and by acting as a benchmark to inform future strategy decisions.


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This forecast will help you to: 

  1. Understand the key aspects of long term demand in the market
  2. Examine how fleets will grow annually with a breakdown by aircraft type
  3. Explore issues such as traffic growth, oil prices and aircraft financing
  4. Examine granular projections of aircraft fleet and deliveries by type and region per year

Key components of the forecast: 

  1. Delivery forecast for all commercial jet and turboprop aircraft types of 19 seats and larger
  2. Projections of new deliveries, retirements and freighter conversions for airlines worldwide down to individual aircraft type and series level
  3. Key market drivers and commercial airliner fleet trends
  4. Annual  projections for major variables through to 2033
  5. A full commentary covering key aviation industry drivers including GDP, traffic growth, oil prices and aircraft financing
  6. Key data also supplied in Excel for easy manipulation


The demand based model projects the evolution of the global commercial airline fleet and consequent demand for new aircraft through sophisticated modelling of traffic demand, aircraft retirements, fleet development and the future aircraft manufacturing scenario. Find out more >

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