Airports, ATCs and aviation service providers worldwide rely on our accurate and timely data to help make their everyday tasks easier and better integrated.

The aircraft data feed seamlessly embeds into your daily operations, providing vital specifications for thousands of individual aircraft. This rich data aids efficient airport stand and gate assignment and speeds up the identification of unscheduled aircraft arrivals.

Comprehensive contact details for each aircraft operator streamlines the process of invoicing operators for costs such as landing charges and NOx emissions.


Why choose our data?

  • We are the sole suppliers of this data type in the 2013 SESAR SWIM Master Class - helping to harmonise future air traffic management across Europe
  • Feed data is extracted from a dataset updated 120,000 times a month, ensuring it is of the highest quality
  • Covers all active fixed wing turbine powered aircraft and helicopters worldwide down to tail number level
  • Data is delivered flexibly to suit your requirements

We are already providing this competitive edge to many of the global network's most influential hubs.

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